Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sojourn to seattle, good-bye chicago

After a delicious four week hiatus from all things computer, I'm back! 

Seattle was absolutely wonderful. The gorgeous natural surroundings- multiple mountain ranges and lakes- combined with the laid-back intimacy of the city itself are right up my ally. Each time I visit the west coast, I find myself increasingly drawn to it. I'm looking forward to exploring New England, but the charm and easy-going, quirky attitude of Seattle definitely got to me- if only I had had the forsight to apply to U Wash!

We did a bunch of fun stuff during our brief stint in Seattle, but the most memorable was "climbing" Mt. Rainier:

We were shocked to find it was still snow-covered in mid-July, but that didn't stop us from slipping and sliding in our shorts & sneakers up the base of the mountain. Check out the beautiful view of our little lunchspot:

It was wonderful to get away for a few days, and of course to see my little sister, who suddenly seems very adult in her quaint, law book-filled apartment in the hills of Seattle!

It was a bit sad coming home, though, since it meant the end of my six years in the Chicago area. Even though I grew up in Ohio, I've dreamed of living in Chicago since I was ten. I'll never forget that first visit to the city- I was starstruck by the House of Blues and enchanted by Michael Jordan's restaurant. I felt then, and still feel, like anything could happen at any moment. 

My sharpest memory of that first visit was my first Starbucks cappuccino. We only had the gas-station variety growing up, and as I sipped that frothy and exotic beverage, I felt the glamour and excitement of the city pressing up and around me in a way I never had before. Driving home on Lakeshore Drive, I fell in love with the glimmering beauty of Lake Michigan and the impossibility of the skyline. 

Yes, I'll confess. My choice of college was mostly based on its proximity to the Windy City and to the now-ubiquitous Starbucks (whose $4 lattes seemed much less glamorous as my pocketbook thinned).  And let's get real- my years here have not been all espresso and daydreams.My love affair with Chicago has been fraught with miserable weather and endless parking tickets, and my fair share of painful growing up.Yet, like all first loves, this cold and capricious city will always  hold a dear place in my heart. 

So yes, Chi-city, I may cheat on you for the next year- or ten. But please don't take it personally. To quote the esteemed Ross Geller, we're just "on a break."  I'll be back.